Instahut 6 x 9m Heavy Duty Poly Tarp

Instahut 6 x 9m Heavy Duty Poly Tarp

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6 x 9m Heavy Duty Poly Tarp

Made of high-density 180gsm polyethylene (PE) with a double-coated protection, the Tarp is durable, waterproof, anti-fade, UV-resistant, high heat and deep cold tolerant and designed with reinforced edges and corners. And despite its heavyweight toughness. Better still, it comes with reinforced eyelets spaced out at 0.9m intervals to ensure secured tie-downs without any hassles. Come wind, rain, hail or shine, our Tarp knows no boundaries in getting the work done to your satisfaction.

* Heavy-duty uses
* High-density 180gsm polyethylene
* Silver surface that reflects heat
* Black side that absorbs heat
* Double PE coating protection
* Waterproof and mildew resistant
* UV resistant for extended outdoor exposure
* Reinforced edges and corners
* Aluminum reinforced eyelets at 0.9m intervals
* Versatile use

* Size:6m x 9m
* Weight: 10.15kg
* Temperature?-40?C to 80?C

Package Content:
1 x Poly Tarp
1 x User Manual