Giantz 4-Stroke Petrol Post Driver Rammer Power Pile Hole Drive Farm Fence

Giantz 4-Stroke Petrol Post Driver Rammer Power Pile Hole Drive Farm Fence

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The Giantz Petrol Post Driver is as tough as it looks. No drive is too difficult for exceptional post driver. Powered by a class-leading petrol motor, the driver will hammer down stakes, pegs and posts of up to 80mm in diameter firmly into the ground. Featuring a hardened hammering pin with absolute power and unrivalled impact frequency, the post driver gets the job done in minutes with minimum hassle. Better still, the driver is designed for superb handling with soft rubber grip handles and vibration absorbing springs to minimise fatigue. It features interlocking controls with throttle lock, kill switch and throttle adjustor, all close at hand.


4-stroke 37.7cc petrol motor

Portable No pipes and generators needed

Lightweight only 12kg

Up to 75mm diameter

Rubber gripped handles

Vibration absorbing springs

Interlocking controls with throttle adjustor

3 x post guide sleeve

Hardened hammer pin

2 tonnes of driving power

Heavy-duty aluminium driver casing


Motor: 4-stroke petrol

Displacement: 37.7cc

Max power/speed: 0.9kW / 9000r/min

Max torque/Speed: 1.45N.m / 5000r/min

Impact frequency: 2300bpm

Fuel capacity: 0.9L

Fuel type: Unleaded 95+ RON

Impact force: 2 tonnes

Starting system: Hand pull start

Sleeve heads: 20-45mm, 55mm and 80mm

Package Contents:

4-Stroke Post Driver x 1

Hard Carry Case x 1

20-45mm Driver Sleeve x 1

55mm Driver Sleeve x 1

80mm Driver Sleeve x 1

Tool kit x 1

User Manual x 1